I would imagine that if you are reading this site right now, you consider yourself at least a little progressive (if not a lot progressive).  That is the reason the title of this story caught my eye.  We know that there is a significant environmental impact caused by meat production.  It really does not make much difference whether we raise animals organically or conventionally…they still use the consume amount of land, food and water.  They also produce the same amount of waste.  Yet many environmentalists still eat meat on a full time basis…this is a strange phenomenon.  

This article on Alternet discusses many of the topics and questions associated with vegetarianism and animal food production.  It can get a little deep but the information is good (the comments at the bottom of it are interesting as well).  Even though it discusses going vegetarian all the time, just remember going vegetarian one day a week makes a huge impact without having to change your lifestyle or viewpoints.  Check out the impact you will make on our mission page.

By Kathy Freston
March 14, 2007 - The report released this week by the world’s leading climate scientists made no bones about it: Global warming is happening in a big way and it is very likely manmade. The U.N. report that came out soon after made a critical point: "The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global." And yet, so many environmentalists continue to eat meat. Why?

Being part of the solution can be a whole lot simpler — and cheaper — than going out and buying a new hybrid. We can make a huge difference in the environment simply by eating a plant-based diet instead of an animal-based one. Factory farming pollutes our air and water, reduces the rainforests, and goes a long way to create global warming. Yet for some environmentalists, the idea of giving up those chicken nuggets is still hard to swallow.

So, I thought I might discuss a few of the key concerns that my meat-eating friends offer in defense of their continued meat consumption. Here we go: continue reading at Alternet

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