Good for Puck

When this story came out a few days ago, I was not sure I wanted to add it to wannaveg.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is awesome what Wolfgang Puck has decided to go organic and purchase humanely raised meat.  It’s just that initially I felt that this is just another celebrity restaurateur that was looking to profit by selling high-end food in a exclusive restaurant.  And… I believe that good food does not need to be expensive.   The reason I finally got "on-board" with Puck was twofold.  First I think that what he is doing is setting the standard for other restaurants to follow (expensive or not) and second because some people in the media are giving him some grief on his decision to make the switch.

Also, as I got to thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that Wolfgang’s approach (high end food at high end prices) is no different than what other industries have done in the past.  Expensive cars had airbags long before economy cars and air travel was once reserved for only the wealthy (with global warming, this may not be the best example).  So maybe Wolfgang is just the catalyst we need for the food and restaurant industry to start offering organic, humanly raised food at reasonable prices.

So I say Good for Puck.

From USAToday
Pioneering celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is putting his empire’s financial and PR muscle behind an initiative that will guarantee that the vast majority of the meals served in his restaurants are made only with all-natural and certified organic ingredients and meats that come from animals that have been treated humanely. Once the WELL (Wolfgang’s Eating, Loving and Living) program is phased in over the next few months, it will affect the standards at his 14 fine-dining restaurants, 80-plus Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express fast-casual eateries and 43 catering venues, which served 10 million customers last year. It’s an expansion of a philosophy that already governs his fine-dining establishments.

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