The Food Has Eyes

For some reason the first thing that came to mind after I read this article was the movie, "The Hills Have Eyes".  A creepy movie where a bunch of people become mutated by nuclear bombs and spend the rest of their lives killing tourists in the desert.  Well, it looks as though you will not need to travel to the desert to become a mutant.  The FDA is going do give us a hand by allowing food companies to irradiate our food.  This is bad news on at least two obvious levels. 

Irradiated foods will not need to be labeled as such.  This is the same proposal the FDA is considering for cloned meat and dairy.   Food producers will only be required to label irradiated food as "Pasteurized" (which is a completely different process involving heating foods to high temperatures and then quickly cooling them off). 

All the recent foodborne illnesses that keep making the headlines are the catalyst for companies’ desire to revisit irradiation.  So instead of fixing the problem during the production of food, food companies can continue with their current practices and just "zap" to food at the end to make it "safe" for human consumption.

On a more serious notes, if I become a mutant, I hope I get another arm or something useful like that!  :)

Thanks to Pat for sending me the article.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government proposed Tuesday relaxing its rules on labeling of irradiated foods and suggested it may allow some products zapped with radiation to be called "pasteurized."

continue reading at CNN

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