There’s Arsenic in the Chicken!

For the last fifty years, conventional chicken producers have been adding arsenic to chicken feed.  The arsenic kills parasites and gives the chicken flesh a pinkish color.  I am not a chemist or an MD, but I would suspect that arsenic does not have a FDA recommended daily allowance in our diets.  :)  This article delves into why this practice was started.

Via Chemical & Engineering News:-"…one of the most puzzling practices of modern agriculture is the addition of arsenic-based compounds to most chicken feed. The point of the practice is to promote growth, kill parasites that cause diarrhea, and improve pigmentation of chicken meat. But Tyson Foods, the U.S.’s largest poultry producer, stopped using arsenic compounds in 2004, and many high-end and organic growers raise chickens quite successfully without them. What’s more, McDonald’s has asked its suppliers not to use arsenic additives, and the European Union banned them in 1999." Translation: since the 1950’s arsenic compounds…mostly Roxarsone—4-hydroxy-3-nitrobenzenearsonic acid

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2007-06-15 09:18:01

[…] going to be really thin soon." (sfgate) What in your chicken?-  More than just arsenic, chicken now come complete with and injection of extra water, sodium and seaweed.  This so […]

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