Veg is accepted

It wasn’t so long ago that vegetarians were considered "weirdos".  There was a stigma associated with the lifestyle as being unhealthy, weak, pale and of course liberal.  Today, this stigma is gone, except for possibly the liberal part.  Although many conservative people are waking up to realize the benefits of a vegetarian diet. 

People choose vegetarian for many reasons, such as to make a positive impact on the environment or to improve their health or for animal welfare or a combination of all three.  No matter what the rationale, the choice to become vegetarian is becoming widely accepted.

It is rare these days to sit down in a restaurant and not have a veg choice on the menu.   Even the worst of restaurants will probably have a token veggie burger.  Also, you learn pretty quickly what kind of establishments are veg friendly.  I certainly wouldn’t go to Hooters and expect to find many, if any, veg options. 

Grocery stores and specialty stores have come a long way in the last ten years.  Entire stores are dedicated to vegetarian friendly food and even the regular chain supermarkets have a good selection of food to choose from.  With more than eight million vegetarians in the U.S., this is a pretty big market to be overlooked.  Many other countries have higher percentages of vegetarians, so the global demand for veg food is significant. 

For more information, check out this article from AZ Central:
Vegetarians becoming more accepted at home, in restaurants

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