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Recently MSN ran an article on the types of foods people over 40 should try to center their diets on.  These "power foods" are comprised of high nutrition, low calorie energy that help reduce cravings and in turn help reduce weight.  This age group has the highest risk factor for diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol, etc.  And while we all know it’s important to eat well in order to maintain a healthy weight, it is also important to eat the types of foods that help to increase our bodies’ resistance to these diseases.

The article focuses on 10 quality foods, that when eaten in combination, help to stave off disease and keep weight in check.  One obvious food absent in the list of  "power foods" is meat.  There is a point in the article where it recommends eating a lot of protein to feel satiated.  However, the protein sources recommended are beans, cheese and veg chili.  You can add tofu, soy milk, eggs (free range), nuts, bread, lentils, etc to this list to enjoy a wide selection of high quality proteins. 

With all the bad things happening with meat these days (e.g. hormones, medication, antibiotics, genetically modified foods, melamine, fertilizers, mad cow, the list goes on) it’s easy to see why it doesn’t make the list of "power foods".  Studies are consistently showing that meat consumption increases the likelihood of cancer and heart disease.  Similar studies are showing that a diet high in fruits and vegetables have the opposite effect, and actually reduce the likelihood of cancer and heart disease. 

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