A bunch of stuff has been hitting the news lately and I would be hard pressed to try and cover it all.  So…today is going to be story run-down day. 

EU Consumers willing to pay for animal welfare- If given a choice to buy animal welfare friendly products, many Europeans would pay more for these products.  However, the problem is being able to distiguish these products from non-welfare friendly products. (Europa Rapid)

Mock Meats: The Steaks’ a Fake-  An interesting article on mock meats and how people feel about them.  One good point mentioned in the article is that if it tastes too much like the real thing, this may actually be a bad thing….You decide. (TwinCities.com)

USDA and Food Safety- Should the USDA be responsible for the safety of our food?  One word answer…No.  Check out the story to see why.  (CSPI)

Will Vegetarians outnumber Omnivores?-  Does evolution and being a member a civilized society have anything to do with moving to a more humane diet? (theherald.uk)

CA Spay/Neuter Law is a Good Thing- "In CA, we spent more that 250 million tax dollars last year to shelter more than 840,000 unwanted animals…more than half had to be destroyed." (nctimes)

No Vegetarians on Mars-  This week Masterfoods, the UK manufacturer of Mars candy bars like Snickers, Mars and Twix, announced that it started using calf rennet to make it’s products.  Rennet is a chemical made from calf stomachs.  I don’t know many vegetarians that eat these kinds of candy bars anyway…but this is a step in the wrong direction. (BBC News)

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