Lots of vegan stuff in this week’s rundown.  Don’t worry, for the most part they’re are gentle.  Other cool things as well.

Vegan Recipes-  Amazing recipes with even more amazing pictures.  Even if you don’t plan on making all of these, the food photos are beautiful. 

Is it vegan?- This tool uses a database to tell you if the foods, medicines, household products, etc. you plan on using are vegan.  Although it is based in the UK, many of the items are inter-changable for us in the States.  It’s fun to play with.

Farming without subsidies- New Zealand doesn’t have provide subsides to farmers.  How would the US do if we followed suit?

Veganism killed that baby?-  Try malnutrition.  It doesn’t matter if the parents were omnivores or vegans, malnutrition can happen in both diets.   It is unfair to blame a vegan diet on the death of that baby.

The rise of consumer power- The tale of when consumers stand up and tell companies they’re not going to take it anymore. (e.g. Masterfoods, Disney, P&G)

Polyface Farm- A video of Michael Pollen giving a lecture about Polyface Farm (the farm detailed in his book) and its sustainable farming practices.

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