Veg BBQ Tips

grilled veggies

With Summer upon us, the season for the traditional backyard BBQ is in full swing. If you’re a vegetarian (or on your veg day), never fear…here are some tips to make your BBQ experience deliciously enjoyable.

  • A clean grill is a happy grill- If sharing a BBQ with meat eaters, some vegetarians are not too keen on having their veggie burger or dog tossed on a piece of old meat. It doesn’t need to be spotless, but it’s the thought that counts. A separate “veg section” will help to keep things in order and apart. Also, this will help with the next step.
  • Use a little oil or cooking spray- Besides the fact that mock meats and vegetables are meatless, they also have very little fat and oils in them. This is good for your belly…but the grill doesn’t like it. To prevent sticking, start with a cool grill, use a paper towel and some oil to wipe the grill, or you can use a bit of cooking spray (just make sure the grill is turned off or you’ll create a miniature volcano on the patio).
  • Keep your utensils clean- To helps spread contamination between raw and cooked foods….especially meats.
  • Make sure your mock meat is grill-able- Some are…some aren’t.
  • Don’t forget about the sides- potato salad, pasta salad, grilled veggies, cole slaw, etc. These are what make a BBQ.

Here are some quick and easy no-recipe, recipes that both vegheads and carni’s will enjoy.

pineapple rings
(sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar)
portobello mushrooms
(brush with oil or marinated in vinegar and garlic and serve like a veggie burger with all the condiments)
sweet potatoes or yams
(wrap in foil, or, slice in half, pre-bake, brush with maple syrup for extra sweetness and grill)
(soak in water for at least 30 minutes before grilling)
corn on the cob
(pull the husk back, but don’t remove it (use it as a handle), wrap the opened end with a little aluminum foil and turn frequently)
(slice in half and sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar or drizzle with maple syrup)

For more elaborate, delicious sounding vegetarian and vegan BBQ recipes go here.

Author Information -  During his spare time Eric writes for and maintains For his day job he works for an electronics company in San Diego, CA. Eric has been a vegetarian for about 10 years and believes that going 'green' and reducing meat consumption go hand-in-hand.

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Comment by ColetteNo Gravatar Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-14 07:01:33

Corn on the Cob: Another way to grill corn is to soak it in the husk in water for half-an-hour. Then place it on the grill in the husk and grill for about 30 min, turning it a few times. This way you don’t have to use any foil.

Comment by MeganNo Gravatar
2007-06-14 08:25:37

Hi Collette!
Thanks for the tip. We’ve had mediocre results with the corn and never tried it soaking it in the husk first. Silly question, but what happens to the silk? Do you remove it after grilling.


Comment by Jessica SchesslerNo Gravatar
2007-06-19 10:03:24

Mmmm, what delicious suggestions, and my, oh my doesn’t that grilling basket of veggies look delectable!!

Comment by ericNo Gravatar
2007-06-19 14:41:38

I think that grilling basket is a good idea. I’m on the hunt for one right now. The trick will be in getting my veggies to look as good as those! :)

Comment by PatriciaNo Gravatar
2009-12-10 20:28:03

A trick I use for corn on the cob on the grill is to microwave them in the cob for a couple of minutes first. This effectivly cooks them first. Then it’s just a matter of putting them on the grill to add the BBQ’ed flavor.

I never tried soking them first, I’ll give that a shot.

Comment by ericNo Gravatar
2009-12-10 21:42:10

Thanks for the good tip Patricia!

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