The EU has been slacking as a global purchaser of genetically modified foods.  For some strange reason, they think they can survive as a civilization without eating Frankenfood?  Absurd. The United Corporations of America United States and other countries like Canada and Argentina are complaining that the EU has setup unfair market barriers to keep GM food from entering the continent.  A six year moritorium on importing GM foods ended in 2004 and last year the World Trade Organization ruled that banning this gene-altered food was illegal.

“If we fail to implement our own rules, or implement them inconsistently, we can — and probably will — be challenged,” Mandelson said in a speech today in Brussels. He also said the EU may undermine European industries such as livestock by falling behind in endorsing products in the $6 billion global biotech crop market.

The European Commission, the 27-nation EU’s regulatory arm, faces resistance to gene-modified foods from member states including Austria and Greece. Surveys show opposition to such foods by more than half of European consumers, who worry about risks such as human resistance to antibiotics and the development of “superweeds” impervious to herbicides."

I bet you’d never guess who’s behind all this commotion?  Did you guess Monsanto?  Ding, ding, You are correct!  Our friends at Monsanto (and BASF) want to force their infamous wears on a group of countries that don’t want them.  That’s like if a telemarketer called you up to sell you insurance,  when you tell them you’re not interested…they sue you. 

Hopefully, the EU can get some rules and guidelines in place quickly to avoid potential repercussions.

read the news story here. (bloomberg)

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