U.S. Food Safety- Questionable?

Are you one of the 76 million Americans currently sick from a food borne illness?  I know I was when I visited San Fran a couple of weeks ago.  Urghh…I can still feel it if I think about it too much.

A report released yesterday by Trust for America’s Health concluded that “the safety of food in the United States is in a state of crisis.”  Well I’m not sure if this is new news or old news, but it’s targeted news that  highlights the huge shortcomings of several federal agencies charged with keeping our food safe.

In other news a report issued by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health criticized our current animal agriculture practices in the US.  Apparently, sticking thousands of animals together in cramped quarters in their own waste spreads disease?  Also, it’s been determined that injecting them full of hormones and antibiotics right before they hit the food supply probably isn’t that great for them…or the folks that eat them. (wow, I am really laying on the sarcasm here).

Read more about it here.

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