It’s in Our Hands

If this is the first time you’ve visited wannaveg, or if you have been here before, it is plain to see that you can make a big difference by going veg one day a week.  This kind of change may seem simple, and it is, but it is also extremely effective at reducing your environmental footprint. Furthermore, when you combine it with other simple things, like growing some of your own food, changing your light bulbs to CFL’s, buying food from local and organic sources, reusing a bag at the grocery store, ditching bottled water, unplugging your cell phone chargers, walking or riding a bike more…well you get it, you can see that a few small things add up to a huge difference in your habits, your lifestyle and your impact on the planet.

Sure, we can wait around for technology and governments to get it together and “save us,” but by the time that happens, there probably won’t be much worth saving (including ourselves).  So let’s do our part, let all of US “get it together” and start making a positive change with our own lives…and let’s pass that change on to others.  Spread the message that caring for our planet isn’t just for “environmentalists,” it is for everyone who calls this planet home.

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