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So you want to be a worm farmer!  What’s that, no…you don’t?  Oh come on, what about all the free fertilizer and sparkling worm personalities? Kinda seriously, worms make for quiet, low maintenance and symbiotic pets.

Ok, well ‘pets’ may be stretching it, but vermi-composting (composting using worms) is a great way to reduce the amount of food waste you throw away and in return they will give you some fantastic, nutrient rich compost (castings). Did you know that food waste makes up about 12 percent of the total waste stream in the US? Now we can all take this simple step to reduce our environmental impact and our vegetables and other plants will love us for it. Plus…it’s fun!

When it comes to giving your worms a home, you have lots of options. There are all kinds of pre-fabricated bins out there and some municipalities will either give you a bin or subsidize one for you. I personally prefer to make my own bin because it’s easy and cheap to do. One other cool thing about keeping a worm bin…it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a castle, there is a bin size sure to fit whatever space you have available.

Ok, I know what you’re saying. “I don’t want some stinky garbage can full of worms in my house…” and I don’t blame you! Believe it or not, your worm bin should not smell bad at all. In fact if it does smell bad, there is something wrong with it (we’ll talk about this later). The bin does have a pleasant “earthy” aroma similar to what you smell in a forest. It’s very tolerable and unobtrusive.

To recap: starting a worm bin will reduce food waste, create great fertilizer and make you the life of the party. There are no downsides to it!

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Author Information -  During his spare time Eric writes for and maintains For his day job he works for an electronics company in San Diego, CA. Eric has been a vegetarian for about 10 years and believes that going 'green' and reducing meat consumption go hand-in-hand.

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