Start a Worm Bin (Part 4-Final)

Flash forward 4-5 months….

Step 8- This compost is almost ready.  It’s time to get the worms out of it and let the remaining worms “finish” off the job and eat whatever is left in the bin.


Step 9- To coax your worms out of the castings, push all the contents of your bin over to one side.  On the other side we’ll lay down some fresh bedding.  Follow steps 3-6 above for one side.  In about a month or so, all your worms will finish off whatever food scraps are left in the castings and move over to the other side where the fresh bedding and food is.   After that, you can remove the castings and use them to fertilize your plants or make worm “tea” for liquid fertilizer.


And it’s as simple as that.  Don’t worry about not knowing everything at first, or making mistakes.  It’s really simple to do and if you stick with it through one cycle, you’ll be a master!  You’re now on your way to the wonderful world of vermi-composting.  Congratulations!

Author Information -  During his spare time Eric writes for and maintains For his day job he works for an electronics company in San Diego, CA. Eric has been a vegetarian for about 10 years and believes that going 'green' and reducing meat consumption go hand-in-hand.

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