Food Miles Video

Video artist Molly Schwartz traces how far food travels from field to fork.  There is an accompanying story here.


It’s good to be a dog, bad to be a chicken-  A Pennsylvania court finds it’s perfectly legal to abuse and torture chickens and keep them in horrible conditions.  I don’t believe most folks are trying to say "stop eating eggs," but….we should demand humane treatment and conditions for these poor animals.  (yahoo news)

Michael Moore will not be sending PETA a donation-  Well, probably not anytime soon.  Especially after PETA’s president called him an elephant.  I wonder what he did to piss them off?  I guess he’s just alive and that’s all they need.  Oh well, what are you going to do….I did like ‘Sicko" though. (msnbc)

Start Your Own Farm-  But first you need about $1,900 a acre (on average) to get started.  Revitalization into farming and rural America is important to our food system.  Is it time to buy the farm?  (forbes)

Similar To a Trendy Oxygen Bar-  Safeway and other companies like Tyson Foods are being told by Congress to defend their use of carbon monoxide to "treat" meat.  Apparently, Congress didn’t know the FDA approved this practice three years ago, and…we all know that the FDA only approves things that are "safe" for the public.  Carbon monoxide is supposed to retard the spoilage of meat.  I could make a bad joke here, but it would be too easy. (yahoo biz)

Locavore: the new food fad-  A family boycotts supermarkets and only eats food grown locally….for one month.  Can this be practical?  (

There Is Nothing To See Here-  Here’s a list on 10 things your grocery store doesn’t want you to know about.  As it turns out, grocery store managers know you better than you know you. (msn health)

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